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Prime Products has recently launched an E-commerce site in order for the general public to purchase the newly developed Magnetic Air Filter Grille directly from the manufacture. Follow this link for more information on purchasing Magnetic Air Filter Grille

There is also wholesale prices available with bulk purchasing. Please contact us for more information 314-394-1266.

Information About The Magnetic Air Filter Grille

The Magnetic Filter Grille System is created to maintaining a clean home environment.  The Magnetic Air Filter Grille is a new patented technology, air flowing through the grille generates a static charge causing dirt and dust to cling to it before reaching the ducts to your furnace. The Magnetic Air Filter Grille Can help make your furnace run more effectively keeping dust from entering the system. It can even extend the life or your furnace by keeping it clean. 


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Prime Products was started in early 2012. As this company has developed, they continue to deliver new products that enhance your home living conditions.

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Written by Steven Adodeely — March 25, 2013

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