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Commonly Filter Grille Product Asked Questions

How to Order the Correct Grille Size:

To ensure proper fit, be sure to order your grille in the same size of wall opening. Do not use outside dimensions of your existing grille because sizes vary by manufacturer .

Example: If the wall opening is:

Our grilles are listed by the wall opening size.

To calculate the size that you need, it is imperative to measure the wall opening, and not the size of the existing grille that is currently installed . The width and height of your wall opening will match the listed dimensions of our grille.

Our grilles are listed with the height dimension first and the width second.

How many units should I order?

In order to achieve the full effect of the system, you'll need to order a unit for each of your return air openings.

Will my air flow be reduced?

If the system is left unchecked, with dust gathering over a prolonged time, it is possible for air flow to be reduced. Therefore, we recommend cleaning once a month. If at any point you see dust build up, clean immediately.

Warning safety chain must be attached to frame and grille at all times to avoid any potential injury.

What do the terms register and grille mean?

These terms are used in the industry loosely. Here is our interpretation of the terms:

• Register- A supply vent that has a damper.

• Grille- A return or a supply that does not have a damper.

What is a supply?

A vent in which the air is coming out of the wall, ceiling, or floor.

What is a return?

An intake vent in which the air goes back to the air handler.

What is the difference between wall and floor registers?

Floor registers can support the weight of a person while a wall register cannot. The damper operator on a floor register is almost flush with the floor while a wall register's handle stands out from the face of the grille.

How can I find the grille I want?

You need to know three things:

  1. The wall opening size.
  2. Is it a supply or a return?
  3. Is it in the wall, ceiling, or floor?  The Magnetic Filter Grille is only functional for wall units.

For more details on installation check out:

Filter Grille Installation video


What if I can't find my size?

Please email us at or call 314.394.1266. We might have what you need and will do our best to assist you. For updates on new products, and newsletters, please sign up in the appropriate fields.

How can I obtain my user name and password?

Please click onRegistrationand fill out the online form. You will be e-mailed a confirmation when your access has been set up. Guest purchases are also available.

Why can I only purchase with a credit card or Paypal?

We do not ship COD. If you are a business and buying in bulk, please contact us at 314.394.1266 to arrange for additional payment methods and discounts.

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